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Relevance (The Magarelli Series Book 1) PJ Morvant-Alexander

Relevance (The Magarelli Series Book 1)

PJ Morvant-Alexander

Kindle Edition
266 pages
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 About the Book 

Alessio Magarelli makes his living as a singer in a Chicago-area night club, been there ten years. Al is a good man, a decent man.His life is simple. Work five nights a week, dinner with the family at Mamas on Sundays, Mondays off for planning the next week with his singing partner, Connie Denari. This is his routine and Al is content with it. His life is structured. Ordered.That order is shattered when he gives his brother, Father Antoni, a ride to the Field Museum of Natural History for a meeting with Doctor DeDe Jakande, a Cultural Anthropologist from Zimbabwe.During their visit, the area is rocked by a sudden unprecedented and violent earthquake. Al is severely injured protecting the African woman from falling debris.He wakes in Intensive Care after cranial surgery and two weeks in coma, finding his life irrevocably changed. While selflessly assisting the injured, his brother Toni was killed in an aftershock, crushed under a collapsing wall. Toni is dead. Dead, yes, but far from gone.Suffering grief and depression, Al begins to have terrible visions of natural disasters threatening the Chicago area. As if the crippling seizures that bring the visions aren’t enough, they’re hosted by his dead brother, Father Toni, telling him he must warn people.The only person who believes him is DeDe Jakande. Together they embark on a mission to warn whomever they can to leave the city as Al’s physical and mental state are eroded with every vision. For Al Magarelli structure becomes chaos as his life evolves into a nightmare with a horrifying and inescapable conclusion.People who enjoy the fiction of Dean Koontz or Stephen King should enjoy Relevance.